Assay of Fibrinopeptides A and B and of Released Platelet Proteins as a Measure of Activation of Hemostasis

  • Hymie L. Nossel
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 104)


Our understanding of relationships between atherosclerosis and the hemostatic system would be greatly enhanced, if tests were available which would reproducibly and clearly demonstrate perturbations of the system in association with atherosclerosis. Tests of the hemostatic mechanism may be divided into two general types, those which measure the functional status of different components and those which measure the products of specific reactions. Functional status tests have been particularly useful in distinguishing, diagnosing and monitoring therapy in the bleeding disorders but have been of very limited usefulness in studying thromboembolism. The results of studies with functional tests in which patients with atherosclerosis were compared with patients with other disease are not available. The newly developed tests which measure the products of hemostatic reactions appear to be useful in studying thromboembolism and await application to the study of atherosclerosis. The present manuscript will review the theoretical basis for these tests and summarize the limited available clinical data. The results of studies on patients with hyperlipidemia will also be discussed.


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