Building Convenience and Building Amenities

  • Jacqueline C. Vischer


Building convenience addresses those aspects of building use that are important to people for other reasons: they help save time, they make the building attractive, or they provide that “little bit extra” that make people’s lives easier. Building convenience is not the same as functional comfort because it does not directly impact the performance of work by the individual or workgroup, but building convenience issues arise repeatedly when occupants provide feedback about their buildings, because when these elements of the physical environment do not work, they create a real sense of inconvenience. Primary among building convenience issues are the following:
  • car access, public transportation, and parking

  • bathroom access, size, location, and hygiene

  • elevator access, frequency, and maintenance

  • maintenance and repair in the building

  • environmental issues and energy management

  • security and safety issues

  • electrical power availability and accessibility.


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