Age-related Changes in Tissue Levels of Cyclic AMP

  • G. A. Robison
  • M. J. Schmidt
  • G. C. Palmer
Part of the Advances in Behavioral Biology book series (ABBI, volume 6)


The role of cyclic AMP as a second messenger mediating many of the peripheral actions of a number of hormones is by now well recognized (Sutherland et al., 1968; Robison et al., 197lb). By extrapolation, it has seemed reasonable to suppose that cyclic AMP may also mediate some of the actions of neurohumoral agents within the central nervous system (Greengard and Costa, 1970). The catecholamines have been of special interest from this point of view. There is evidence that in peripheral tissues most if not all of the effects of these agents which are known to result from an interaction with adrenergic beta receptors may in fact be mediated by increased levels of cyclic AMP secondary to increased activity of adenyl cyclase (Robison and Sutherland, 1970; Robison et al., 1972a). The catecholamines are also capable of producing large increases in the level of cyclic AMP in brain slices and cultured brain cells in vitro (eg., Kakiuchi and Rall, 1968a,b; Schmidt et al., 1970; Gilman and Nirenberg, 1971 a,b; Clark and Perkins, 1971), and an intriguing recent finding has been that urinary excretion of cyclic AMP rises during the period just preceding the onset of the manic phase in patients with manic-depressive illness (Paul et al., 1971). The potential importance of brain catecholamines in regulating brain function and behavior has been recognized for many years (eg., Kety, 1966; Schildkraut and Kety, 1967).


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