Disturbances of Higher Cortical Functions with Lesions of the Sensorimotor Regions

  • Aleksandr Romanovich Luria


So far the disturbances of the higher cortical functions arising from lesions of the cortical divisions of the exteroceptive analyzers have been described. Attention has been directed to this type of disorder in the auditory, visual, and, to some extent, tactile forms of analysis and synthesis of external stimuli and to the changes in the more complex forms of mental activity associated with such local brain defects. Now let us turn to the disturbances of voluntary movement and action observed in the presence of lesions of the sensorimotor divisions of the cerebral cortex, or, in other words, to the study of the pathology of the motor analyzer.


Voluntary Movement Motor Analyzer Motor Aphasia Sensorimotor Region Motor Impulse 
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