Disturbances of Higher Cortical Functions with Lesions of the Temporal Region

  • Aleksandr Romanovich Luria


The temporal region of the cerebral cortex is complex in structure and in functional organization. It includes divisions acting as the cortical nuclear zone of the auditory analyzer (Areas 41, 42, and 22), the extranuclear zones of the auditory portion of the cortex (Area 21), and the formations of the inferior and basal divisions unconnected with the functions of auditory analysis and integration (Area 20). In addition, the temporal region also includes, in its medial surface, those formations belonging to the archipallium and the transitional portion of the cortex constituting part of the limbic system; these formations are associated with apparatuses closely involved in the regulation of afferent processes and form a specialized structure of the cerebral cortex. Finally, the temporal zones bordering the parietal and occipital regions (the posterior portions of Areas 22 and 37), as well as the wholly specialized areas formed by the structures of the pole of the temporal lobe, constitute other divisions.


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