Investigation of Intellectual Processes

  • Aleksandr Romanovich Luria


The investigation of the intellectual activity of patients with brain lesions is one of the most complex of the clinical psychological tools. The importance of data on the integrity of intellectual processes is by no means the same in the various branches of clinical medicine. In clinical psychiatry, when the object is to study the general forms of change affecting a patient’s conscious activity, this type of investigation is of prime importance; the results must lend themselves to psychological descriptions of the various types of disturbance of this activity. In the clinical study of local brain lesions, which is entirely devoted to the elucidation of the location of these lesions, attention is concentrated on the neurophysiological and psychophysiological analysis of the more specialized processes, with the aim of bringing to light the factors underlying the local lesions. The study of intellectual processes, which are highly complex in character, cannot therefore occupy a central place in the psychological investigation. However, lesions in different cerebral locations may produce completely different forms of intellectual disturbance. For this reason, the use of methods enabling a more accurate assessment of the various forms of intellectual change may also be of considerable help in the clinical study of local brain lesions.


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