Magnetic Field Confinement of Laser Irradiated Solid Particle Plasmas

  • A. F. Haught
Conference paper


High energy, spherically symmetric, free plasmas are produced by electrically suspending a small, solid, lithium hydride particle in vacuum at the focus of a lens where the particle is vaporized, ionized, and the resulting plasma heated by the focused beam of a Q-spoiled laser. Experimental studies with such plasmas formed within mirror and minimum-B magnetic fields up to 8kG show that the expanding plasma can be captured by the magnetic field and the expansion kinetic energy thermalized, in agreement with a simple magnetohydrodynamic model of the plasma-magnetic field interaction. Both the magnitude and the temperature dependence of the plasma decay from a minimum-B containment field are consistent with plasma loss by Coulomb collisional scattering into the magnetic field loss cones.


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