Recent Developments in Light Scattering Experiments on Laboratory Plasmas

  • B. Kronast


In the past, light scattering techniques were mainly aimed at measuring plasma parameters such as the electron density and the temperatures of electrons and ions. These efforts were most successful and, thus, have demonstrated that such techniques represent a superior tool of plasma diagnostics also for laboratory plasmas A review of this earlier development of the field can be found for example in the articles by Kunze1 and by Evans and Katzenstein2. With the further refinement of the employed techniques a wider range of plasmas as well as the finer details of spectra became accessible. As a result deviations from the light scattering spectra calculated under the assumption of Maxwellian velocity distributions for electrons and ions became apparent. In addition, the measurement of magnetic fields by light scattering was shown to be feasible as was the detection of enhanced plasma waves in turbulent plasmas. These more recent developments in the field of light scattering by plasmas form the subject of this article which is not claimed to be fully comprehensive but is intended to demonstrate these developments by typical cases.


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