Laser Produced Plasma — Streamer Interaction

  • Laird P. Bradley
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One aspect of laser-plasma interaction which has received little attention is the effect of laser-produced ionization on streamer propagation. Vail, et al.,1 have shown spatial channeling of a streamer along a laser ionized path in air. Recently, using a pulsed nitrogen laser to produce ionization, we have demonstrated control of streamer velocity over orders of magnitude for N2 and SF6. Experimentally, a pulsed voltage was applied across a nonuniform field gap to launch a streamer. The laser-induced ionization was produced spatially ahead of the already propagating streamer. The streamer velocity was thereby controlled, this technique is currently being applied to provide subnanosecond jitter in megavolt switches; the process is different from the triggering method of Guenther, et al.2


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