The Future of Information Systems in the Earth Sciences

  • P. G. Sutterlin
Part of the Computer Applications in the Earth Sciences book series (CAES)


Much of the effort in modern information systems has been concentrated in two aspects. The first is in the design and generation of various types of data bases. The second is in the design and development of methods to retrieve selectively relevant information from these data bases. These activities have had the effect of forcing the geoscientist to reexamine the methods in which earth-science data has been collected, recorded, and stored. As a result some fundamental progress has been made in geoscience information systems apart from the fields of computer and information sciences. The next phase already seems to be in progress. The use of distributed processing techniques, the availability of relatively inexpensive microcomputers and an emerging communications technology will significantly affect the manner in which geoscientists will gather, store, and access information.


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