Recent Trends of Powder Metallurgy Production and Research in Japan

  • Sukeji Kachi


Industrial production and research in powder metallurgy in Japan arose during World War II from the problem of making bands for projectiles from iron powder instead of from brass. Although the history of powder metallurgy began with the manufacture of weapons, peacetime applications of powder metallurgy progressed very rapidly after the war. In recent years, the industry has grown at the rate of 15% per year. Three hundred fifty tons of cemented carbides and 3320 tons of machine parts fabricated from iron powders were produced in Japan in 1963. The techniques of powder metallurgy have also been applied to some electronic materials, such as ferrites and ferroelectrics. Some outstanding powder metallurgy developments in Japanese plants include the manufacture of rolls for Sendzimir rolling mills from cemented carbide and the production of high-quality manganese zinc ferrites. These ferrites are being exported to the U.S. and other countries in large quantities. Research in powder metallurgy is promoted by the Japan Powder and Powder Metallurgy Society, which specializes in research studies as well as the application of powder metallurgy to industry. The society publishes the periodical Funtai Oyobi Funmatsuyakin (Powder Science and Powder Metallurgy) bi-monthly, and also holds bi-monthly meetings. Discussions at these meetings are concerned primarily with three general topics—the basic science of powder metallurgy, machine parts, and ferrites. Recently, much interest has been directed toward the physico-chemical properties of fine particles themselves, because they are closely related to the sintering behavior, compaction, and mechanical strength of sintered bodies.


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