Short-Range Repulsion and Broken Chiral Symmetry in Low-Energy Scattering

  • V. V. Serebryakov
  • D. V. Shirkov


The introduction of short-range repulsive “potentials” into the low-energy equations for the lower partial waves makes it possible to eliminate the main difficulties of the pure elastic low-energy (Pele) approximation. In principle, it is then possible to obtain solutions with short s-wave scattering lengths and broad resonances. The use of threshold conditions that follow from chiral symmetry enables one (under certain simple additional conditions) to express the main resonance scattering parameters in terms of thepion decay characteristics. Thus, on the basis of the approximation of broken chiral symmetry and unitarity dispersion equations for low-energy ππ and πN scattering, expressions are obtained for the masses, lifetimes, and coupling constants for p-wave resonances, it being only necessary to specify the pion and nucleon masses and lifetimes and the Fermi coupling constant.


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  • V. V. Serebryakov
  • D. V. Shirkov

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