Garden Chemicals and Their Application

  • R. Kenneth Horst


A fungicide is a toxicant or poison for fungi, a chemical or physical agent that kills or inhibits the development of fungus spores or mycelium. It may be an eradicant, applied to a plant, plant part, or the environment as a curative treatment to destroy fungi established within a given area or plant; or preferably it may be a protectant, applied to protect a plant or plant part from infection by killing, or inhibiting the development of, fungus spores or mycelium that may arrive at the infection court. A bactericide is a toxicant or poison for bacteria. Among the more recent bactericides are antibiotics, products of other living organisms. They also have value against certain fungi. There are also a few virocides, which are toxic or poisonous to viruses.


Botran Hexachlorophene Fenarimol Grison DNOC 


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