Intermediate Vector Mesons and CP-Violations

  • S. Okubo


The weak interactions have provided many surprises, the first of which was the violations of the parity (P) and the charge conjugation (C) invariance and, more recently, the CP-violation. The so-called V-A theory proposed by many authors is a very elegant theory which states that the P and C violations occur maximally, so to speak. However, recently discovered violation of the CP (or time-reversal invariance by TCP theorem) is more puzzling, since its effect appears to be very small by a factor of 10-3 in comparison with the CP-conserving one. To explain this, some authors have suggested to give up the V-A theory by inserting a tiny relative phase-factor between V and A parts. But this is not only artificial but also spoils the beauty of the original V-A theory. Another possibility is simply to assume the existence of a weaker CP- violating interactions, which is again a rather an artificial way without really explaining the reason for its smallness. Here, I would like to propose a new scheme where the CP-violation is maximal as well as maximal violations of separate P and C invariances. At a first glance, this may appear to be quite impossible since experimental CP-violation is smaller by a factor 10-3 as has been mentioned already. But fortunately, we could make a consistent theory of this kind as will be explained below.


Electric Dipole Moment Charge Conjugation Maximal Violation Hadronic Current Nonleptonic Decay 


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