Control of Antibacterial Susceptibility Testing: Standardization and Proficiency Testing in Canada

  • I. B. R. Duncan
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Serious interest in the standardization of susceptibility testing in Canada goes back more than 20 years. From 1952 onwards standardized methods were established in the Veterans’ hospitals of Canada (Branch et al. 1964) under the direction of Dr. Arnold Branch, who was one of the participants in the International Collaborative Study. As early as 1957 the Canadian federal government set up measures to control the potency of susceptibility test discs sold in Canada (Greenberg and Fitzpatrick 1958), following Greenberg’s demonstration (Greenberg et al. 1957) that most discs then on the Canadian market varied widely from their labelled potencies. These early approaches twoards standardization probably did much to improve the quality of susceptibility testing throughout the country, but because medicine in Canada is under provincial rather than federal jurisdiction, they did not lead to any nationally recommended standard methods. Instead proficiency testing of existing methods has been developed at the provincial level.


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