Monoclonal Antibodies to Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) Immunoglobulin: Production and Preliminary Characterization

  • C. E. Moody
  • P. W. Reno
  • A. E. Gagliardi
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Coastal and Estuarine Studies book series (COASTAL, volume 25)


The predominant humoral immunoglobulin (Ig) of teleosts is a high molecular weight tetrameric IgM-like molecular (Cobel, 1975). Limited studies with certain species suggest that some molecular weight (MW) size heterogeneity may be present. One report suggests that rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri) may have two species of high molecular weight Ig (Hodgkins et al., 1967) and several reports support the presence of size heterogeneity in goldfish immunoglobulin (Trumps, 1970; Everhart, 1972). Moreover, some species of fish have been reported to possess a low molecular weight humoral Ig which may be an IgM-like monomer (Clem and McClean, 1975). Despite reports that fish have lymphocyte populations analogous to the T and B cells of homeothermic vertebrates (Etlinger et al., 1976), other reports have demonstrated abundant surface Ig on most, if not all, lymphocytes of fish by membrane immunofluorescence using polyclonal antisera to fish Ig (Warr et al., 1979). As perhaps the most primitive vertebrate to possess an adaptive immune system, it is of some phylogenetic interest to determine the complexity of cell types and humoral components involved in fish immune responses.


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