Metal-Hydrogen Phase Diagrams

  • T. Schober
Part of the NATO Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 6)


Work on the phase diagrams of the systems NbH(D), TaH(D) and VH(D) is reviewed. Emphasis is placed on more recent experimental progress. In the system NbH(D) the occurrence of multiple ordered low temperature phases and hydrogen density waves is discussed. In the system TaH(D) a detailed description of the low-temperature phase relationships is still unavailable. As to the systems VH and VD (which display a drastic isotope effect) a better characterization of the phase transitions was achieved. Much of the discrepancy between the different phase equilibrium studies of the last years is now resolved. A new phase transition into an incommensurate state is described for the system VD. In summary, the three systems are much more complex than anticipated. They display first and second order transitions, incommensurate structures with hydrogen concentration waves, possibly metastable phases, miscibility gaps and pronounced isotope effects. There is strong reason to believe that a similar variety of effects may also be encountered in other M-H systems.


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