Astronomical and Astrophysical Instruments

  • Albrecht Unsöld
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Great scientific advances are often bound up with the invention or introduction of new kinds of instruments. The telescope, the clock, the photographic plate, photometer, spectrograph and finally the entire arsenal of modern electronics each signalizes an epoch of astronomical investigation. Equally important, however — as we must not forget — is the conception of new ideas and hypotheses for the analysis of the observations. Fruitful scientific achievements depend almost every time on the interplay of new sets of concepts and new instrumental developments, that can succeed in penetrating new domains of reality only in combination with each other. “Wonder en is gheen wonder” as we must say with Simon Stevin (1548–1620)(“A marvel is never a marvel”).


Radio Telescope Spherical Aberration Photographic Plate Parabolic Mirror Spherical Mirror 
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Astronomical and Astrophysical Instruments

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