Comets, Meteors and Meteorites, Interplanetary Dust; Structure and Composition

  • Albrecht Unsöld
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We begin with a short review of cometary orbits and some immediate inferences.
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    The orbits of long-period comets with periods of the order 102 to 106 years show randomly distributed inclinations i, direct and retrograde motions being about equally likely. The eccentricities e are a little less than or nearly equal to 1 so that we have to do with elongated ellipses, or parabolas as limiting cases. Hyperbolic orbits (e> 1) are produced only occasionally as derivative consequences of perturbations by the large planets. Since at a large distance from the Sun the Velocity is very small, the comets must come from a cloud of such bodies that accompanies the Sun in its journey through the stellar system

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    The short-period comets mostly move in direct elliptic orbits of small inclination (i≈15°) Whose aphelia lie near the path of one of the lame planets. The cometary families of Jupiter, Saturn,.. evidently result from the capture of long-period comets. Since in the course of time such comets are dissipated by breaking-up and evaporation of their material, the swarm of short-period comets must be continually replenished by further captures.



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Comets, Meteors and Meteorites, Interplanetary Dust; Structure and Composition

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