Education for Habitat

  • Thomas L. Blair
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A significant trend in the field of education has been the surge of interest in human resources training for the integration and implementation of human settlement planning and development, especially the improvement of slums and squatters areas in urban and rural communities. As yet there are no standard text books, but some investigative studies, journal articles, training reports, and documents by international agencies have begun to appear[1]. Indeed a new mid-career, short course educational activity dealing with urban management, development operations, and policy integration and implementation has emerged[2].


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    One example is Urban Habitat: New Skills and Perspectives for Urban Managers, organized by the PCLHabitat Forum, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS under the author’s direction. See special issue of the Architectural Assoc.Quarterly ( London ), Spring (1980).Google Scholar

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