Semiconductor Detectors for Recording Fluxes of Hydrogen Ions with Energies of 1–15 Kev

  • Yu. S. Maksimov


Semiconductor detectors with electron-hole junctions have been widely employed in modern experimental nuclear physics. These detectors possess several properties which recommend their application in plasma research. Among these properties, there are the relatively low energy required for generating an electron-hole pair (εsi = 3.6 eV and εGe = 2.95 eV), the insensitivity to magnetic fields as strong as 5 · 104 Oe (at a temperature of about 300°K), the selective sensitivity to various types of radiation, the low inertia (time required for charge collection about 10−9–10−7 sec), and the extremely small size. In order to establish the operation conditions and the adaptation of those detectors to plasma radiation studies, special experiments were made.


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