Investigation of Ionic Cyclotron Oscillations in a Plasma by Means of a Fast-Response Analyzer of the Frequency Spectrum

  • A. V. Bortnikov
  • N. N. Brevnov
  • V. G. Zhukovskii
  • M. K. Romanovskii


When a plasma is created in a magnetic bottle by injection of fast particles, the velocity — space distribution of the trapped ions is highly anisotropic [1]. Longitudinal oscillations at the ionic cyclotron frequency and its harmonics can occur in these plasma anisotropies. The oscillations propagate almost perpendicular to the magnetic field lines, i.e., a cyclotron instability can develop [2, 3].


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  • A. V. Bortnikov
  • N. N. Brevnov
  • V. G. Zhukovskii
  • M. K. Romanovskii

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