Anodic Oxidation of Metallic Superconducting Precursor

  • Joseph F. Chiang


Since the discovery of the high temperature, TCceramic superconductor of cuprate, different techniques have been used to prepare superconducting oxides with good ductibility and strength. Recently, Yurek et al.1–4 developed method of high temperature oxidation of a metallic alloy (a metallic precursor) that contains the metallic constituents of the ceramic and a noble metal to produce flexibility and strength to the final product. After oxidation, BaCuO2, Yb2BaCuO5, YbBa2cu3Ox, Yb2Ba4Cu8Oxand Yb2Ba4Cu7Oxhave have been observed by X-ray diffraction and high resolution transmission microscopy5,6. The proportions of the different phases in the oxidized samples depend critically on the processing parameters (annealing and cooling temperatures and gas compositions).


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