Carbon Fiber Reinforced Tin-Superconductor Composites

  • C. T. Ho
  • D. D. L. Chung


The high Tc superconductors are brittle, hard to shape, and high in normal-state electrical resistivity. On the other hand, metals are in general ductile, formable, and have low electrical resistivity and high thermal conductivity. In contrast to metals, polymers in general have high electrical resistivity and low thermal conductivity. Therefore, the combination of a superconductor and a metal in the form of a composite1–4 is more attractive than the combination of a superconductor and a polymer. 5


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  • C. T. Ho
    • 1
  • D. D. L. Chung
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  1. 1.Composite Materials Research LaboratoryState University of New YorkBuffaloUSA

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