CAD Application on PC Board Design

  • Chung-Jye Chang


This paper presents a design process which enables a designer with limited computer background to accomplish PC board design interactively with CAD system. The primary process adopted in our system is the result of a close examination of what will be done by experienced artwork operator, who has received intensive training in layout and taping, with the very powerful computer aid tool in ratsnet checking and autoroute. This primary process includes physical creation, net list editing, initial placement, ratsnet checking, signal routing and editing line function. It has shortened the task-cycle time at Telecommunication Laboratories, even in early stage of application in PC board design. The performance of the system is satisfactory, and we are now in the process of upgrading from the primary process to an advanced process.


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  • Chung-Jye Chang
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  1. 1.Telecommunication LaboratoriesMinistry of CommunicationsTaiwan, R.O.C.

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