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  • Hugh Sinclair
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When William Penn founded this City as a haven of refuge, he named it with the Greek word for “brotherly love”, Philadelphia. Not surprisingly therefore the smooth waters of lipid metabolism have during this excellent symposium been ruffled only occasionally, as when Bernstein and Oliver had a disagreement about the necessity of controls in clinical trials. Even the Panel of six experts from four different countries under the experienced chairmanship of Dr Irvine Page produced only about half-a-dozen different views. This equanimity is also to be expected since we have been meeting in what is officially called a “Rose Garden” (though without roses) with superb arrangements for which we must thank the hard work of Dr Bill Holmes, his assistant Mr Hollerorth and his secretary Mrs Carolyn Hyatt. For so excellent a programme we are indebted to Dr Dave Kritchevsky. We may reasonably assume that the other seven members of the International Organizing Committee were more decorative than effective, but it was delightful to see the two fathers of these Symposia (first held in Milan in 1960), Professor Garattini and the ubiquitous Professor Paoletti who in this electronic age still obtains results with a smoked kymograph. We are grateful to the twenty-three commercial firms for financial support, and to the projectionists for skilled surgery in removing impacted slides. As an aside on slides, may I suggest that the three men in a boat, depicted in a slide from Bethesda that we see several times a year, should now be sunk or sent to Cuba.


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