First Harmonic Fourier (Phase) Analysis of Blood Pool Scintigrams for the Analysis of Cardiac Conduction Abnormalities

  • Elias H. Botvinick
  • Melvin M. Scheinman
  • Michael W. Dae
  • J. William O’Connell
  • Donald B. Faulkner


In recent years there has been a burgeoning of noninvasive imaging techniques for the evaluation of cardiac structure, perfusion, and function. Prominent among these methods and widely used owing to their important clinical impact are cardiac scintigraphic methods [1–3]. Here, a minute intravenous dose of a radiopharmaceutical permits image characterization and often, quantification of some quality of the cardiac whole. The radiation dose is small (generally less than that related to a flat and upright X-ray of the abdomen) and requires only a single peripheral injection of the radionuclide. In addition to its noninvasive nature, primary advantages of the scintigraphic method include its ability to analyze pathophysiologic markers, its quantitative nature, and its extreme amenability to computer analysis.


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  • Melvin M. Scheinman
  • Michael W. Dae
  • J. William O’Connell
  • Donald B. Faulkner

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