Solubility of Sodalite in Aqueous Solutions of NaOH under Hydrothermal Conditions

  • L. N. Dem’yanets
  • E. N. Emel’yanova
  • O. K. Mel’nikov
Part of the Studies in Soviet Science book series (STSS)


The mineral known as sodalite Na8 [A16Si6O24] C12 is crystal-chemically one of the group of skeletal aluminosilicates with zeolitic properties. Recently sodalite single crystals have attracted the attention of physicists in connection with the interesting optical properties of these crystals [1]. We ourselves have grown sodalite crystals by the hydrothermal method, which is the most promising method for the production of single crystals, since any attempt at growing sodalite from the melt simply produces glass of an analogous composition, while growing from solution in the melt only yields small crystals (under 2 mm) [2].


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  • L. N. Dem’yanets
  • E. N. Emel’yanova
  • O. K. Mel’nikov

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