Crystallization of Sodalite on a Seed

  • O. K. Mel’nikov
  • B. N. Litvin
  • N. S. Triodina
Part of the Studies in Soviet Science book series (STSS)


Crystallization under hydrothermal conditions takes place over a wider range of temperatures (100–800°C) and pressures (1–3500 atm) than crystallization from ordinary aqueous solutions (which occurs at temperatures no greater than 120–150°C), and the corresponding kinetic investigations may according be readily carried out. Another characteristic of crystallization under hydrothermal conditions is the constancy of the manner in which the supply material is fed into the growth zone. This takes place practically independently of the temperature and pressure and enables us to develop a theory of TC diagrams for hydrothermal systems [1].


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  • O. K. Mel’nikov
  • B. N. Litvin
  • N. S. Triodina

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