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  • Richard W. Hemingway
  • Joseph J. Karchesy


Given the success of the first North American Tannin Conference, another is being planned for 1991 and it is envisaged that additional conferences will be held at approximately 3-year intervals. This meeting of about 70 scientists with widely different backgrounds demonstrates that the objective of the conference — to bring together people with a common interest in condensed tannins and to promote interdisciplinary interactions that will lead to a better understanding of these important substances — was achieved. Because of the strong interest, our planning for the next conference is for a fullweek allowing for more time for discussion between formal presentations and an afternoon of poster sessions. The excellent representation from overseas suggests that future tannin conferences should take on a more international perspective. A second objective of the conference was the publication of this book. The work presented in this book demonstrates that research on condensed tannins has progressed well beyond an exercise in structure elucidation and is addressing important questions about the biological and commercial significance of these unique renewable phenolic polymers. Early plans for future conferences are summarized.


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