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Parallel Auditory Pathways: I — Structure and Connections

  • John H. Casseday
  • George D. Pollak
Part of the NATO ASI Science book series (NSSA, volume 156)


The remarkable hypertrophy of the central auditory pathways in microchiropteran bats was recognized long before the bionsonar system of these animals was discovered. Some of the first experimental studies of the auditory pathways were conducted using the echolocating bat Rhinolophus (Poljak, 1926). In this historical context, it seems a paradox that after the discovery of echolocation, studies of the connections of central auditory pathways lagged far behind physiological and behavioral studies. It was not until the last sonar conference that the first studies to use modern neuroanatomical techniques were reported (Schweizer,1980; Zook and Casseday,1980).


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