Spiral Magnetic Phases as a Result of Doping in High Tc Compounds

  • Marc Gabay
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 246)


The exciting discovery of high Tc superconductivity in copper oxides has generated a lot of experimental and theoretical activity but, so far, the underlying mechanism responsible for this superconductivity remains elusive. Yet several experimental features have emerged which any realistic theoretical model should take into account, (i) NMR shifts of Y 89 and O 17 on the YBCO material 1 indicate that the Cu(3d)-O(2p) hole orbitals are of a character and that strong correlations between the Cu(3d) and 0(2p) holes do occur, (ii) Superconductivity in electron doped compounds 2,3 suggests that there exists a symmetry with respect to adding or removing electrons from the half filled band, (iii) Magnetism and unusual magnetic fluctuations are found in most copper oxides 4,5. (iv) photoemission data and band structure calculations allow to compute the relevant energies of the problem 6: they yield a factor of 2–3 for the ratio between the site copper energy and the bandwidth so that the electronic states of the CuO 2 sheets are neither totally atomic-like nor fully band-like.


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