Magnetic Excitations in the Disordered Phase of the 2-D Heisenberg Antiferromagnet

  • D. R. Grempel
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 246)


The discovery of the new high temperature superconductors has been at the origin of renewed interest in the physics of the 2-D quantum antife- rromagnet. At low temperatures La2CuO4and YBa2Cu3O6 are anisotropic insulating antiferromagnets with Neel temperatures of 245 and 415 °K, respectively1,2. The in-plane exchange constant is very large, J ~ 2000°K, and the anisotropy ratio J ⊥/J ~ 10-5 2. Due to this large anisotropy these compounds are very accurately bidimensional.


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