Effect of Pressure on the Complex Formation of Transition Metal Ions in Aqueous Solutions Up to 2 Kbar


The kinetic and thermodynamic behavior of the metal complex formation in aqueous solutions of the divalent metal ions Co2+, Ni2+, Cu2+, and Zn2+ with murexide * and of Fe (III) with thiocyanate being the new ligands, respectively, were investigated up to 2 kbar at 298.16 K using the temperature-jump relaxation method. The overall reaction scheme in the case of the divalent metal ions is given by
The hydrated metal ion Maq 2+ reacts with the hydrated ligand Laq forming the hydrated complex MLaq 2+ where one water molecule of the inner coordination sphere of the m ital ion is substituted by the new ligand. The overall rate constants of the forward and backward reactions are kf and kb, respectively.


Coordination Sphere Pressure Dependence Reaction Enthalpy Metal Complex Formation Enzyme Substrate Reaction 
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