Metallic High Pressure Equation-of-State Derived from Experimental Data

  • R. Grover


This paper describes a program of making ‘global’ fits to the large amount of experimental equation of state (EOS) data on monatomic metals that has become available in recent years. The fits are made within the framework of a phenomenological scaling theory for metallic liquids which incorporates recently discovered general theoretical properties of the EOS of liquids. The theory is expected to be applicable to monatomic metals up to high temperatures (~ 10 to 100 x the melting temperature Tm) and at all densities, so long as the metallic bonding does not change character — as, for instance, might be caused by electronic phase transitions or sufficiently large thermal electron excitations. The goal of the present fitting studies is to obtain consistent tabular representations of the EOS of metals over a wide ränge of densities (0.5 ≤ ρ/ρo ≤ 2) and temperatures (up to several eV) which are reliable enough both to be used in applied work (errors < ~5%) and to serve as a guide to future theoretical and experimental studies of metals. Fits to experimental data for examples of three different types of metals — Na, Pb, and Ta — will be discussed.


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