Explosive Compaction of Powdered Materials

  • R. Prümmer


Powder metallurgy is of growing interest in metal fabrication. Atomized alloys are cold-pressed and sintered or hot isostatic pressing is used. In both cases high densities are desired. The highest densities can be obtained by explosive consolidation [1,2]. The achieved densities are almost bulk densities. A further advantage is that by explosive compaction due to an intensive shock-wave treatment, the compacts reveal high dislocation densities. In the case of explosively-compacted alumina, this was observed to be on the order of that of heavily plastically-deformed metals [3]. The accompanied activation allows the performance of the sinter treatment at a lower temperature and less time. The purpose of this paper is to report on the results of the investigations of explosive parameters and on the diagnostic investigations of explosively-compacted tungsten.


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  • R. Prümmer
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  1. 1.Institut für ChemieTreib-und ExplosivstoffePfinztal-BerghausenW. Germany

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