The Solubility of Water in Alkali-Alumino-Silicate Melts to 8 Kbars

  • S. Oxtoby
  • D. L. Hamilton


To investigate some aspects of the mechanisms of solubility of water in silicate melts we have determined the maximum amount of water which can dissolve in a number of alkali-alumino-silicate melts as a function of temperature and pressure. The melt compositions used are shown in Table I and are plotted in Fig. 1. They may be conveniently considered to be modifications of the feldspar albite (Ab), Na2OAl2O36SiO2; e.g., the composition marked AbQ is albite plus 4SiO2 and the one marked 2:1:12 is 2 albite minus 1Al2O3. For future comparison with published data, the molecular weights used in calculating the mole percent solubilities from the weight percent values are one-half of the above compositions, i.e., Ab is NaAlSi3O8 with a molecular weight of 262.
Fig. 1

Mole percent plot of the melt compositions used in this study. The figures in brackets are the mole proportions Na2O·Al2O3·SiO2. Ab = albite, Jd — jadeite, AbQ = albite-quartz eutectic at 1 bar pH2O.


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  • D. L. Hamilton
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