Sound Velocity on SiO2 Hugoniots

  • J. A. Morgan
  • J. N. Fritz


Silicon dioxide, with its phases having such widely differing densities and with its complex elastic-plastic behavior, is a fascinating material for high-pressure experimentation. Because it is presumed to be a major constituent of the earth’s lower mantle, an added interest is given to data on SiO2 in pressure and temperature ranges that match those occurring in the mantle. The pioneering work of Wackerle [1] mapped out the response of SiO2 to initial loading. Much work has been done since then. Recently, emphasis has been placed on examining the properties of the high-pressure state by means of release waves and thermal radiation. Grady et al. [2,3] used overtaking release waves to study the bulk release wave in the pressure range of 22 to 36 GPa. McQueen et al. [4] used thermal radiation from the high-pressure state to study pressure-temperature variation along the Hugoniot.


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  • J. N. Fritz
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  1. 1.Los Alamos Scientific LaboratoryUniversity of CaliforniaLos AlamosUSA

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