Elasticity of Stishovite Revisited

  • D. H. Chung


The belief that stishovite is a mineral present in the earth’s mantle as a separate phase makes this material rather important in geophysics. Construction of the proper equations of state of stishovite is then particularly useful for improving our understanding of the composition and the physical state of the earth’s interior. Speculations and experiments on the elasticity and equation of state properties of stishovite abound, supported sometimes by assumptions of sufficient flexibility to accommodate any postulate. Given the present state of technology, we have been unable to measure these properties reliably, although some attempts have been reported in the literature. The difficulties here are twofold. First, it is sill a difficult task to produce stishovite in sufficient quantity and sinter it into a dense form without converting it back to a low-pressure phase (or, the present state of crystal growth technology at high pressure and temperature cannot provide stishovite single crystals large enough to make the acoustic measurements). Second, there are still well-known problems with measurement of acoustic velocities in small samples under high pressure and temperature.


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