From Superspaghetti to Superravioli

  • M. J. Duff
Part of the The Subnuclear Series book series (SUS, volume 25)


There are four fundamental extended objects with d > 2 world-volume dimensions and D-dimensional space-time supersymmetry: (d=3,D=11), (d=6, D=10), (d=4,D=6) and (d=3,D=4). A simultaneous dimensional reduction of the world-volume and the space-time then yields four sequences of super extended objects which include the four classical Green-Schwarz super-strings (d=2,D=10,6,4 and 3) as special cases. We discuss which of these models is likely to be quantum consistent and finish with some speculations.


Casimir Energy Membrane Tension Fermionic Symmetry Supergravity Field Spontaneous Compactification 
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