Not the Standard Superstring Review

  • M. J. Duff
Part of the The Subnuclear Series book series (SUS, volume 25)


Each week the CERN preprint library receives about 60 papers on theoretical particle physics of which about 25–30 are devoted to superstrings or related topics. So as I put pen to paper I feel the burden of having to review one half of theoretical physics. To make matters worse, just as the number of superstring publications is mushrooming, so are the number of superstring review talks. There now exist many excellent reviews, some of them by experts who have been studying superstrings for 15 yearsl. Well, there are two respects in which this review may differ from previous ones. First, to paraphrase Shelley*), I never was attached to that great sect whose doctrine was the Dual Resonance Model and who pioneered string theory in the late 60’s and early 70’s in its original incarnation as a theory of hadrons. I entered the subject comparatively recently via the route of supersymmetry and for me ten-dimensional superstrings were the natural extension of the rather different theoretical developments that had been taking place in supergravity theories and Kaluza-Klein unification via extra space-time dimensions2.


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