The Great LEP Forward

  • Sheldon Lee Glashow
Part of the The Subnuclear Series book series (SUS, volume 25)


1987 has been truly a super year. We have seen the first nearby supernova in 383 years, not only in light but in antineutrinos, and more recently, in X-rays and gamma rays. The repercussions of this discovery are still coming: What is the mysterious companion of SN1987a seen in speckle photometry? What limits can we place on neutrino masses lifetimes, and interactions? How are axion theories constrained by the fact that the explosion took place more-or-less according to the theoretical script? Should we believe the curiously premature Mont Blanc observations? Since it was a blue giant that blew up, should we revise upwards our earlier color-blind estimates of supernova frequency? Will our community be fully prepared for the next supernova?


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