Participation of a Hydrogen-Bridged Intermediate Ion [O=C(H)-H..Co]+ in the Loss of Co from Ionized Glyoxal?

  • Paul J. A. Ruttink


In a recent paper [1] concerned with the identification of dihydroxyacetylene, HO-CC-OH, as a stable neutral molecule in the gas phase by neutralizing the corresponding cation [HO-CC-OH]+. (1) in a NRMS experiment [2], three other isomeric C2H2O2 +. ions were briefly investigated, i.e. ionized glyoxal, [CHO-CHO]+.(2), ionized hydroxyketene, [HOC(H)=C=O]+.(2) and [CHO-O-CO]+. (4). It was further suggested that ionized glyoxal, (2), isomerizes into a stabfe hydrogen bridged intermediate with a -C..H..C- bridge, viz. [O=C(H)-H ..CO]+.- (2a) prior to its unimolecular dissociation into CH2O+. + CO.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Paul J. A. Ruttink
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  1. 1.Theor. Chem. Group, Dept.of ChemistryState University of UtrechtDe Uithof, UtrechtThe Netherlands

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