Recent Advances in Microfabrication

  • M. Van Rossum
  • M. Van Hove
  • W. De Raedt
  • M. De Potterm
  • P. Jansen
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 231)


This paper discusses various new developments in III–V materials processing and their application to microdevice fabrication. In the field of patterning, the main tools are lift-off and dry etching. Both are scalable down to nanometer dimensions and have been used to produce quantum-size devices. Current control requires both Schottky and ohmic contacts on the device. Progress in processing technology now allows better control of the contact parameters, and the increased flexibility hereby obtained can be considered as a first step towards real “contact engineering”. Finally, flexibility in the use of substrates has also been increased by the development of novel techniques for composite substrates fabrication and for device transplantation from one substrate to another.


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  • M. Van Hove
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  • W. De Raedt
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