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The Membron: A Functional Hypothesis for the Translational Regulation of Genetic Expression

  • Thomas K. Shires
  • Henry C. Pitot
  • Stuart A. Kauffmann
Part of the Biomembranes book series (B, volume 5)


Although the operon concept advanced by Jacob and Monod (1961) argued that all regulation of genetic expression should be at the transcriptional level, a quantity of evidence has now accumulated, from both microbial systems and higher organisms, demonstrating that the amount of enzyme present in a cell or tissue may be controlled at the translational level. As seen by Berman (1967a,b), such control may occur at several levels, including post-transcriptional or “prepolysomal,” which involves the temporal and spatial interval separating mRNA synthesis and its incorporation into the polysome; the “polysomal” level wherein decodement of mRNA is directly regulated; and “postpolysomal” level which may include the phenomenon of dynamic turnover or degradation of specific protein molecules in vivo.


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