Nutritional Influences on the Hemostatic Mechanism

  • Derek Ogston


Nutritional influences on hemostasis have been a major source of interest to investigators for some three decades. The earlier studies concentrated on attempts to provide laboratory evidence to explain the epidemiological association between a high saturated fat diet and a high incidence of ischemic heart disease. These endeavours resulted in a multiplicity of reports on the effect of single high-fat meals on measures of coagulability or fibrinolysis. In more recent years, with increasing understanding of platelet biochemistry, have come studies on longer-term manipulation of the dietary fat pattern and some understanding of the mechanism of their influence on platelet function. Whether such studies will clarify our understanding of the causation of thrombosis or lead to rational measures for its prevention remains to be established. Additionally, there has been increasing recognition of other nutritional influences on hemostasis; undoubtedly many more remain to be identified and the mechanism of their effect elucidated. Even at our present incomplete state of knowledge, however, it is clear that strict control of diet is mandatory if studies on the effect of other physiological variables on hemostasis are to be valid.


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