In Chapters 1 and 2 the discussion has been centered on agreements for the providing of engineering services, particularly with the first three Phases of professional engineering services, and the development of the Contract Documents, including the Drawings and Specifications. The next five chapters are concerned with the contractual arrangements under which the design is to be implemented by the Contractor during which time the Engineer (and, where indicated, his independent professional associates and consultants) are to provide Bidding or Negotiating, Construction, and Operational Phase services. The more important of the documents governing the relationship between the Owner and the Contractor and the Engineer’s participation as the Owner’s representative are the Owner-Contractor Agreements, the General Conditions, the Supplementary Conditions, and the Instructions to Bidders. These are referred to hereinafter loosely as the Construction Related Documents, but the term includes other EJCDC documents.1


General Requirement Supplementary Condition Legal Consequence Engineering Service Contractual Arrangement 
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