There are Different Kinds of Retinal Light Damage in the Rat

  • Werner K. Noell


In the following, I will review experimental results of our laboratory during the last 15 years on the damaging effect of light. My purpose will be to distinguish between at least two different kinds of retinal pathology caused by light. The question whether light exerts its damaging effect by one or several mechanisms has plagued us from the very beginning of our study, i.e. once it had been ascertained that the visual cells and the pigment epithelium of common breeds of albino or pigmented rats are irreversibly affected and destroyed by prolonged exposure to visible light of moderate or even weak intensity. The question inhibited the planning of experiments for the analysis of the mechanism of the effect and for the evaluation of physical and biological factors that influence the magnitude of the effect for which a reliable quantitative measure had to be found.


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  • Werner K. Noell
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  1. 1.Department of PhysiologyState University of New York School of MedicineBuffaloUSA

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