A Reconstructing Technique for the Nasal Air Sacs System in Toothed Whales

  • Vladimir S. Gurevich
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (volume 28)


Durable models of the nasal air sacs system of small delphinids were designed for three dimensional comparative anatomical study, and precise measurements and demonstrations were produced using a new technique. The few previous attempts to model the system were not completely successful (Gurevich, 1969; Mead, 1972; Schenkkan and Purves, 1973; Dormer, 1974). Latex, wax corrosion, and silicone rubber were used for reproducing the nasal air sacs system. Because the solvent in the previously used casting materials causes marked shrinkage (up to 70%) as it vaporizes, modeling of the small tubular and accessory sacs is unsatisfactory; the larger vestibular and premaxillary sacs may also be warped. Wax corrosion casts are very fragile, vinyl corrosions shrivel, and fusible alloy models are distorted.


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