Variations in the Characteristics of Pulse Emissions of a Tursiops truncatus During the Approach Process and the Acoustic Identification of Different Polygonal Shapes

  • Albin Dziedzic
  • Gustavo Alcuri
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (volume 28)


An alternative choice test was used to determine the ability of a 4-year-old Tursiops truncatus to discriminate acoustically a control ring (the positive stimulus) from a regular polygonal frame which was varied between tests. A study was then made of the physical characteristics of the acoustic emissions of the animal during the approach process and the identification of the positive stimulus which the animal was required to bring to the trainer in each trial.


Acoustic Emission Discrimination Performance Approach Process Positive Stimulus Spectral Density Function 
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  • Albin Dziedzic
  • Gustavo Alcuri

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